One A What Did You Say?

It’s 22.04 on New Years Day, and I have finally decided to take up something productive in the hope that I give my self a big enough kicking to.. well, be more productive in other aspects of my life. In my head, maintaining this blog of thoughts, moments, images, and other random bits of crap will keep me grounded, and make me remember what my aspirations actually were. I’m a sucker for saying I’ll do something, and then never finding the time, and generally not giving a flying toss after the idea has fluttered to the back of my mind. In fact, right this second I am physically forcing my self not to sack this shit off and play a game on steam, or doss around on /v/. You see, I think I have a problem.

Actually, I have many problems, and all of them are of the first world ilk. One overlying problem is the fact I have enough money saved up for six months of rent, and a job that won’t be able to cover my rent when this money runs out. I guess that means I have six months to change my life, or at least sniff the smallest morsel of success somewhere. Maybe a pat on the head, or at least a well done from someone I respect, otherwise it’s straight to the centre of hopes and dreams with a patchy as shit C.V, where I will most likely be told that I am suited for a job in retail, selling footwear. I don’t know, maybe I’ll win the fucking lottery without ever buying a ticket. That’s what happens right? Any way, I’ll be using this here blog as a method of self advertisement, self promotion, and as a place for all of the shit up in this brain of mine, to be literally vomited onto the screens of any one stupid enough to read it. Yes, that means you.

Fnar, I jest. I suppose the first thing I should do with a new blog is introduce myself, and that is what I am exactly not going to do. Why oh why would I use a perfect ‘oh shit I’ve forgotten my blog post, quick tell a story about myself’ moment? That’s right, I wouldn’t. I will however drop some truth bombs. A few nuggets of information. Droplets of thought membrane. Specks of unfaltering genius…. Some stuff you know/don’t know about me;

  • I’m 23
  • I graduated from Manchester School Of Art with a 2:1 in Design And Art Direction. This was back in July 2009, and I have so far done bugger all with my shiny piece of paper.
  • I am an avid video games fan, to the point of it taking it up at least 60% of each day I breathe.
  • Ever since I was young, I always knew I wanted to be an art director / copywriter for an advertising agency, with at least one advert my mum can show people on youtube. Well, apart from when I wanted to be a train driver. I fucking love steam trains.

And with that out of the way, I’ll now be spending some time sitting on a trade sever of TF2 trying to get hold of a Defiant Spartan, rather than starting any of the new games I’ve purchased in the steam sales. Apparently in my head, I can’t fathom starting something new, because ‘Oh god, think of all the work I’ll have to put in’ and ‘The gratification won’t be immediate, so what’s the point’… and you wondered why I’m starting this blog. Alas, I think if I were to describe my self in a word, it would be ‘apathetic’, and I hope 2011 will begin to change that. If not change, then at least end with me being employed and apathetic.

Hello, my name is Ciaran Watkins, and I am a perfect example of a child of the Internet Generation. Please help me.


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